Weebo Point-of-Sales Solution

We provide an all-in-one POS solution that is able to meet your business needs such as inventory management, promotion settings, commission tracking, discounts and to allow you to grow your business with ease.

  • Cloud-based solution for ease of tracking and managing your business anytime, anywhere
  • All-in-one hardware and software for ease of use and reduce clutter on your counter
  • User-friendly interface to reduce training time and margin of error for your staff
PSG Pre-Approved Point-Of-Sales (POS) Packages 

Weebo is a pre-qualified ICM vendor with 5 Pre-qualified Point-of-Sales (POS) Solutions Packages. Our different packages are designed to serve businesses of different size and requirements. You can achieve up to 80% in savings, a 10% increase from the previous 70% when you apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant. You can start your PSG journey today with 6 simple steps!

PSG Application Steps
To get started with your grant application process, contact us for a free demo or request for a quotation now!


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KYBIO Version - Package (Basic):

Basic POS setup that is suitable for most businesses.  


KYBIO Version - Package (Basic + Inventory Management) :

For retail businesses that requires constant inventory taking such as minimart etc


KYBIO Version - Package (Basic + Multi Software) :

For businesses at a larger venue or with plans to expand in a short period of time


KYBIO Version - Package (Basic - Mobile) :

For businesses with limited or shared counter space and require credit/debit card payment acceptance such as grab and go kiosks


KYBIO Version - Package (POS - Lite) :

For small businesses who only require basic POS functions such as hawkers 



What is covered?

80% of the Qualifying Cost will be covered under the Productivity Solutions Grant
E.g. You own a bubble tea kiosk and you are looking to adopt the Package (Basic - Mobile). The total cost before GST is $2572, therefore you will be able to claim $2572 X 80% = $2057.60 after the Grant. Your total cost output will only be $514.4+ $180.04(GST).

How long does the process take?

a. The application process typically takes about 4 - 6 weeks for approval.
b. Installation and setup of our POS can be as short as 1 - 3 days if you have the necessary information ready such as your product and price list.
c. The solution have to be used for a period of 30 days before claims submission can be done.
d. Claims are processed within 4-6 weeks from the submission of all required information.

How do I know which package is suitable for my business?

If you are still unsure of the process and the different packages available, reach out to us for a free demo so that we can understand more about your business model and give you the best recommendation.

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